A Retrospective Study of Common Diseases of Animals in a Private Clinic in Kaduna Metropolitan

  • JL Barde
  • A Garba
  • MM Gashua
  • MN Mohammed
  • A Aliyu
  • L Saádatu
  • L Konzing
  • SJ Awulu
  • VT Gugong
  • AH Owada
Keywords: Common diseases of livestock, Helminthosis, Piroplasmosis, ECWA Veterinary clinic, Kaduna State


Data from clinical records of ECWA Veterinary Clinic, Kaduna, were retrieved for diseases of livestock retrospectively over a period of 10 years (January
1997 – December 2006). The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results indicate that a total of 5296 cases were handled during the 10 year study period and 48 different disease conditions were
diagnosed and treated. Of the 48 disorders, Helminthosis appeared to be the most common disease condition with 2177(41%) of all cases handled, followed by Piroplasmosis 771(14.2%), Myiasis 572(10.9%), Bacterial infections 538(10.7%), Ectoparasitism 318(6%), Canine parvoviral enteritis
267(5.04%), Mange 242(4.7%), Traumatic injury 1 3 2 ( 2 . 5 1%) , S e p t i c emi a 8 0 ( 1 . 5%) a n d Dermatomycosis 40(0.55%). Other conditions
handled included Caudectomy 20(0.38%), hematoma 16(0.30%), castration 15(0.28%), canine distemper 11(0.21%), food poisoning, fracture, infectious canine hepatitis presenting 10 (0.19%) each. Others
include Orchidectomy 7(0.13%), pinnal ulcers 6(0.11%), malnutrition 5(0.09%), organophosphate poisoning and still were handled 4 (0.08%) times each, while Conjuctivitis and Orchitis were handled only 3(0.06%) times each. There are other 11 diseases grouped as A which appeared only twice each throughout the study totaling 22(0.42%) and other 13 diseases grouped as B appeared only once each totaling 13(0.25%). Canine species were the most presented of all animal species with 4413
(83.3%), followed by bovine 383(7.23%), ovine 260(4.9%), caprine 170(3.2%), porcine 50(0.94%), feline 19(0.35%) and equine 1(0.02%). Lack of routine de-worming and location of the clinic is responsible
for this outcome. The findings elucidate the relevance of private veterinary clinics in disease reporting.

Keywords: Common diseases of livestock, Helminthosis, Piroplasmosis, ECWA Veterinary clinic, Kaduna State


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eISSN: 0331-3026