Common Diseases of Poultry in Kaduna State: Perspective of a Private Clinic

  • JI Barde
  • A Garba
  • MM Gashua
  • MA Talba
  • VT Gugong
  • I Saádatu
  • AH Owada
  • L Konzing
  • SJ Awulu
  • MN Mohammed
Keywords: Common poultry diseases, Private Veterinary Clinic, Coccidiosis, Gumboro, Kaduna State


Several reports on prevailing poultry diseases across some states in Nigeria have been documented. The common prevailing poultry diseases in Kaduna Sate were investigated. The records of poultry diseases as
presented to and diagnosed at the ECWA Veterinary Clinic, Kaduna during a 10-year (January1997 and December2006) period was retrieved and analyzed retrospectively using descriptive statistics. The diagnosis
at the clinic was based on clinical and post mortem findings. The results indicate that a total of 5131 poultry disease conditions were presented, diagnosed and treated over the study period. A total of 21 different
poultry diseases were diagnosed, the most common being bacterial infections with 2082(40.6%) of all cases, then Coccidiosis 1750(34.1%), Gumboro 465(9.1%), Helminthosis 197(3.8%), Omphilitis 193(%), New castle disease 135(2.6%), stampede 114(2.2%), tumor 65(1.3%), cannibalism 44(0.9%). The less occurring included drug toxicity 23(0.45%) cases, chronic respiratory diseases 20(0.4%), Pullorum 12(0.2%), malnutrition 8(0.16%), lousiness 8(0.16%), Aspergillosis 6(0.12%) and Mareks 2(0.04%). Other, occurring only once totaling 5(0.1%) included aortic rupture, snake bite (on Ostrich), congenital malformation, air sacculitis and traumatic peritonitis. As a single entity, Coccidiosis
appeared to be the most occurring disease condition in Kaduna metropolis, followed by Gumboro. Poor management practices and lack of proper vaccination may have been responsible for these findings. Good
management practices enhance flock hygiene and adequate vaccination schedules is key to effective and efficient poultry production in the state and Nigeria at large. Private Veterinary Clinics have pivotal role to play
in disease reporting in the country

Keywords: Common poultry diseases, Private Veterinary Clinic,  Coccidiosis, Gumboro, Kaduna State


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