Yakkoota ulfa irratti raawwataman: xiinxala seeraa fi raawwii seera yakkaa rdfi

  • Muluqan Kaasahun Amid


The FDRE Criminal Code has incorporated provisions that criminalize abortion except on those grounds permitted by the law. It also penalizes harmful traditional practices committed on pregnant women and publicity related to abortion. The provisions are designed for the dual purposes of ensuring the well-being of pregnant child and reproductive rights of women by preventing the perils that arise from pregnancy. This article examines the legal and practical problems that affect the effective application of the law. Accordingly, the paper addresses difficulties related to the issues of consent, ensuring criminal responsibility, snags derived from the nature of crime and
the main limitations witnessed in the justice sectors in connection with the matter. The finding of the study divulges that, existence of legal gaps and problems, discrepancy of some provisions with the general principles of criminal law and sentencing, convolutions regarding its implementation and other related factors verges the apropos operation of the law. Finally, this article wraps up by recommending for further reforms.


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print ISSN: 2304-8239