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Detection of virulence-associated genes in <i>Brucella melitensis</i> biovar 3, the prevalent field strain in different animal species in Egypt

Mahmoud E.R. Hamdy
Hoda M. Zaki


The current study involved detection of three virulence genes (bvfA, virB, ure) by PCR in 52 isolates of Brucella melitensis biovar 3, recovered from different animal species (28 sheep, 10 goats, 9 cattle and 5 buffaloes). Of the 52 B. melitensis strains; 48 (92.3%) isolates carried bvfA genes, 51 (98.1%) isolates had virB genes and 50 (96.2%) isolates were positive for ure genes. The distribution of the virulence genes is not affected by crossing the original host barriers of the animal species, as the three virulence factors (bvfA, virB and ure) detected in 28 B. melitensis isolates obtained from ovine species in a ratio of 26/28 (92.9%), 27/28 (96.4%) and 28/28 (100%), respectively. While 10 isolates originating from goats revealed a ratio of 10/10 (100%), 10/10 (100%) and 9/10 (90%) to the same order of virulence genes. Nearly, similar results of virulence genes detection were obtained in B. melitensis obtained from bovine (8/9, 9/9 and 8/9) and Buffalos (4/5, 5/5 and 5/5), respectively. The high prevalence of virulence-associated genes among the B. melitensis isolates detected from different animal species in Egypt indicates a potential virulence of this bacterium.

Keywords: Brucella melitensis biovar 3, Egypt, PCR, Virulence genes

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