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Surgical repair of a proximal patellar tendon avulsion in a dog utilizing triple patellar bone tunnels and modified tendon repair technique

Matthew D. Johnson
Diego Rafael Sobrino
Daniel Dean Lewis
Justin Shmalberg


three-and-a-half-year-old neutered male Standard Schnauzer presented with a 5-week history of inability to bear full weight on the right pelvic limb following a traumatic injury to the right stifle. Clinical, radiographic, and ultrasound findings were consistent with a proximal patellar tendon rupture with a distal patellar avulsion fragment. A proprietary Achilles repair jig system was used to reattach the patellar tendon to the patella, allowing for direct approximation of the tissues. The primary repair was supported with a protective patella-to-tibia suture, and the dog was fitted with an orthosis to restrict range of motion of the stifle. Primary tendon repair using alternative suture materials and suture placement, in conjunction with a protective suture loop and transient stifle immobilization, allowed for a successful outcome without appreciable lameness at a final evaluation 3.6 years after presentation. The dog in this report was successfully treated with a modified proprietary Achilles’ tendon repair system using previously undescribed paired axial patellar bone tunnels in conjunction with a patello-tibial protective ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene suture. This technique allowed apposition of the tendon to the bone and a stable tenorrhaphy to the patella.

Keywords: Patellar Tendon, Tenorrhaphy

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eISSN: 2218-6050
print ISSN: 2226-4485