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Capripoxvirus antibodies detection: Relationship between the two methods alpha and beta of virus neutralisation test

Mohamed Hamidouche
Nassira Belmessabih
Abderrahmane Boubguira
Amina Benfenatki
Naim Saada
Amina Sail
Fatima Bacha


Virus neutralisation test (VNT) of capripoxvirus (CaPVs) was studied to assess the post-vaccination (vaccine effectiveness) or post-infection antibodies level using two methods: alpha-VNT and beta-VNT which are generally carried out to measure the Neutralising Index (N.I.) and the serum Antibody titre (TAb) respectively. The authors have demonstrated that a positive correlation exists between N.I. and TAb values, this study aimed to add more evidence to this correlation by establishing a graph and its mathematical equations. We found that: N.I. = (1.489 Log TAb) + 1.331; this serves as a base to calculate N.I. using TAb values measured by beta-VNT without going through alpha-VNT and vice versa. At the end of this study, we evaluated the equation accuracy by two parameters; the deviation (d) and the error percentage, which were d = 0.2 and error (%) = 8%, respectively.

Keywords: Capripoxvirus, Embryonic lamb kidney cells, RM65 strain, Vaccine effectiveness, Virus neutralisation

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eISSN: 2218-6050
print ISSN: 2226-4485