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Intravenous pathogenicity of influenza virus A/H5N1/2014 isolated from pig in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

E. Kolawole Oladipo
J. Kola Oloke
J. Adekunle Adeniji


Understanding the pathogenicity of avian influenza viruses in poultry is an important scientific and public health challenge because of antigenic shift/drift and a source of novel, potentially human-pathogenic strains. We have previously isolated an influenza A strain (H5N1/2014/Ogbomoso) from an outbreak among pig and have now aimed to assess its pathogenicity in an avian host and to categorize it as a low or high pathogenic strain. Intravenous pathogenicity index of the isolated virus was assayed using experimental infection of 6 weeks old pathogen-specific free chicken. The peak of clinical signs was on day three post-infection, and one death was observed on day eight. The intravenous pathogenicity index of this isolate was 0.08. This results classify this isolate as a low pathogenic avian influenza strain.

Keywords: H5N1, Influenza, Intravenous pathogenicity, Nigeria, Ogbomoso

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