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Orbital compartment syndrome resulting in unilateral blindness in two dogs

Aurélie Sauvage, Géraldine Bolen, Sébastien Monclin, Magda Grauwels


Orbital compartment syndrome (OCS) is described in humans as an acute rise in intraorbital pressure following a severe and rapidly evolving orbital affection. It includes orbital oedema, haemorrhage or infection causing a marked reduction in local blood perfusion, and severely affecting the orbital neurovascular structures. If not promptly recognised and treated, it results in irreversible blindness. It is one of the rare ophthalmic surgical emergencies, requiring lateral canthotomy and cantholysis. This case report describes two canine cases of complex orbital, periorbital and facial abscesses resulting in OCS and permanent unilateral blindness diagnosed by ultrasonography, computed tomography and electroretinography.

Keywords: Dog, Globe tenting, Orbital abscess, Orbital compartment syndrome, Unilateral blindness
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