A brief overview of animal symptom checkers

  • Jelle Stans
Keywords: Animal, Online, Pet, Symptom checker.


Symptom checkers are tools that provide health information, including possible conditions, after entering one or more symptoms. Some symptom checkers also provide advice on how urgent medical attention should be sought. In addition to human symptom checkers, several tools are also available to check the symptoms of animals and provide veterinary triage advice. Unlike in human symptom checkers, this widespread availability has not lead to investigations of these tools. Indeed, little to no peer-reviewed research has been published regarding animal symptom checkers. This paper aims to describe some examples of animal symptom checkers. In addition, the proposals for future research are formulated by translating knowledge obtained from research into human symptom checkers.

Keywords: Animal, Online, Pet, Symptom checker.


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eISSN: 2218-6050
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