Monopolar electrocautery use in minimally invasive urosurgery: Case report of ectopic ureter management in a bitch

  • Evelina Burbaitė
  • Vytautas Sabūnas
  • Vytautas Stankus
  • Ernest Kostenko
  • Rūta Karalienė
Keywords: Ectopic ureter, Monopolar electrocautery, Minimally invasive surgery.


Background: Ureteral ectopy is a congenital anomaly, affecting young dogs, predominantly bitches. The main complication of the disease is urinary incontinence, which leads to low life quality for both animals and their owners. However, only two less invasive surgical management options are reported. Laser ablation is quite popular, while monopolar electrocautery use is very rare.
Case Description: A 3-month and 1-week-old, 1.7 kg female Poodle was admitted to the Vetamicus clinic with severe urinary incontinence and moisture-associated dermatitis. After diagnosing intramural ectopy type during computed tomography scan and video cystoscopy, a search for surgical management options began. We proceeded with the monopolar cauterization technique, where a semirigid Karl Storz monopolar coagulating ball electrode is used to cut a mucous membrane partition between the ureter and urinary bladder. No complications occurred during or after the surgery. Ureter successfully healed and full continence was achieved together with sporadically using phenylpropanolamine syrup.
Conclusion: The present case indicates that monopolar electrocautery use in intramural ectopy type management and possibly other urinary tract pathologies might be strongly beneficial.


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eISSN: 2218-6050
print ISSN: 2226-4485