Management of gestational diabetes mellitus at secondary health care level: a survey of ante-natal care givers' knowledge, attitude and practice

  • N.A. Adeleke
  • S.A. Olowookere
  • E.O. Farinloye
  • O.M. Abiodun
  • C.O. Alebiosu
Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, Knowledge, Attitude, Prenatal, Practice


Background: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) account for the majority of cases of Diabetes complicating pregnancy. It is amenable to risk reduction measures and if properly managed, complications leading to poor pregnancy outcome can be prevented. However, this requires a good knowledge of the disease by the health professionals attending to pregnant women. This study assessed the knowledge, attitude and practice of ante-natal care givers in Oyo state through a questionnaire survey. Methodology: The sturdy is a cross-sectional survey conducted in the month ofJune 2012 at a workshop attended by Medical Doctors and Nurses attending to pregnant women at secondary healthcare level in Oyo State, South Western Nigeria. The questionnaire was developed locally, similar to diabetes attitude survey third version (DAS 3) 1, but adapted to local setting. It however assessed basic knowledge of the Medical officers and Nurses in the routine ANC practice about screening, diagnoses and attitudes to treatment of GDM at the secondary health care level. Results: A total of 166 questionnaires were administered, 120 met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed. There were 46 Medical Doctors and 74 Nurses. Average age of Medical Doctors was 36±7.4years, Nurses is 44±4.8 years. Except for risk factors and complications, both the Medical Doctors and Nurses have poor knowledge and practice concerning gestational diabetes mellitus. However, Medical Doctors demonstrated better attitudes compared to the Nurses and it was statistically significant (p value is <0.05). Conclusion: Antenatal care givers at the secondary health care level demonstrated poor Knowledge, attitude and practice about the management of gestational diabetes mellitus. There is a need to bridge these gaps. Key words: Diabetes Mellitus, Knowledge, Attitude, Prenatal, Practice.
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