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Mammographic profiles of women with symptomatic breast diseases in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

R.C. Onwuchekwa
N.S. Alazigha


Objectives: Most patients with breast lesions are usually anxious especially with the knowledge that breast cancer is associated with high rate of mortality and morbidity. The aim of this study is to evaluate the characteristics of breast lesion as depicted by mammography in women with symptomatic breast diseases.

Methods: This was a prospective descriptive analytical study of women with symptomatic breast diseases who had mammography between January 2012 and December 2016 at our health facilities. Data sheet was developed to record the patients' biodata, indication for referral, and mammographic findings.

Results: During the period of study, 166 females with symptomatic breast lesions had diagnostic mammography. The mean age was 49.29years ± 11.12. Sixty- five (39.2%) patients presented with breast lump, 54(32.5%) had breast pain, while 15 (9.0%) had nipple discharge.

Seventy- five (45.2%) of the patients had no obvious lesion on mammogram, while 91(54.8%) had identifiable lesions. The masses were multiple in 9 (12.7%), diffused in 4 (5.6%) and solitary in 58 (81.7%). Six (3.6%) cases were found to have only calcifications. BI-RADS category 1 was the most prevalent constituting 75(45.2%). This was followed by BI-RADS categories 3 & 4, each constituted 30 (18.1%) cases.

Conclusion: Breast diseases are common in our environment and this review had shown that most of these lesions were benign. Breast lumps and breast pains were the commonest indication for the mammograms and significant number of the patients had no demonstrable lesions on mammogram. BIRADS category 3 and 4 were more common.

Keywords: Breast, mammography, BI-RADS, benign, malignant, lump, pain