Reference values for the six-minute walk test in Nigerian adolescents aged 10 to 18 years

  • M.B. Abdulkadir
  • R.M. Ibraheem
  • O.O. Akintade
  • H.D. Suberu
  • A. Issa
  • K. Alabi
Keywords: Exercise test, Six-minute-walk, Adolescents, Nigeria


Objective: To determine baseline six-minute walk distance in Nigerian adolescents and establish its relationship with age, gender and anthropometric parameters.
Methods: One hundred and eighty healthy adolescents (10 – 18 years) were recruited from three schools. Six-minute walk test was conducted as described by the American Thoracic Society. Demographic and anthropometric characteristics were related to achieve six-minute walk distance. A mathematical formula for predicting six-minute walk distance was generated.
Results: The mean ± SD six-minute walk distance was 590.1 ± 72.02 m and was significantly longer in males (p= 0.001) among adolescents aged 10- 16 years. Age was the only characteristic significantly associated with six-minute walk distance following multiple linear regression analyses. The formulae, [six-minute walk distance = 317.3 + 21.5 x age (years) in males and 117 + 33.0 x age (years) in females] closely approximated to measured six-minute walk distance.
Conclusion: This study has derived reference values for 6-minute walk test in adolescents; the use of these reference values should consider age and gender variations.

Keywords: Exercise test; Six-minute-walk; Adolescents; Nigeria

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