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Factors Influencing Uptake of Prostate Cancer Screening among Adult Males in Iseyin LGA, Oyo State

S.O. Olarewaju
Amudat D. Akinola
Emmanuel O. Oyekunle
Sunday C. Adeyemo


Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the world. This study assessed factors influencing uptake of PCa screening at a popular town in Iseyin, Oyo State.
Methods: Relevant information was obtained from 376 participants using pre-tested semi-structured questionnaires. Respondents were selected through multistage sampling technique Statistical tests such as Chisquare, Fisher's exact test and Student's T-test were performed to duly analyse data obtained.
Results: Participants' mean age was 50.2 + 8.0 years with a larger (58. 5 %) proportion of men aged 50 and below. Overall summarized scores on poor knowledge and negative attitude were 42.8 % and 44.7 % respectively. Specific knowledge regarding location of prostate, risk factors and symptoms was as low as 21.0%, 26.3% and 37.2%, respectively. Barely 27.9 %, 19.9 % and 16.2 % knew prostate specific antigen test, digital rectal examination and ultrasound as PC screening techniques respectively. Previous uptake of screening was very low being 16.0 %. Individuals with poor knowledge and those who are non-professionals are 3 times (Odds Ratio – 0.295) and 2 times (Odds Ratio – 0.524) respectively less likely to do PCa screening compared with their other counterparts
Conclusion: The study showed considerable awareness of prostate cancer. However, comprehensive knowledge of its symptoms and the screening methods was greatly lacking. The need is therefore indicated for an aggressive health promotion intervention designed to increase awareness on PCa screening at the community level.

Keywords: prostate cancer, uptake, screening methods