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Naringen Ameliorates Cyanide-induced Testicular and Epididymal Changes in Swiss Albino Mice (<I>Mus musculus</I>)

A.M. Sanni
C.A. Idaguko
D.O. Abdulazeez
O.S. Adeleke
B.A. Falana


Cyanide is one of the toxic, hazardous metals widely dispersed in the environment at high levels. The aim of this study is to evaluate the ameliorative role of Naringenin on male reproductive parameters in cyanide exposed mice.
A total number of 28 Albino mice were divided into four groups, each group comprises of 7 mice (n= 7). The animals were housed in a well-lighted and ventilated plastic cages at a controlled temperature with 12h light/dark cycle maintained throughout the experimental period. All the Mice were acclimatized for 2 weeks before commencement of the study. Group 1 were control mice, group 2 received cyanide (1.2mg/kg bw) only, group 3 received Cyanide (1.2mg/kg bw) and Naringenin (50mg/kg bw) daily and group 4 received a daily administration of Naringenin (50mg/kg bw). All the treatments were done at 7:00 am every morning and the experiment lasted for 14 days. Twenty-four hours after 14th day of treatment, animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation. Blood samples were collected via Ocular sinus into lithium-heparin bottles for haematological and hormonal assay. The right testis was excised and quickly placed in Bouin's fluid and processed for histological examination while the left testis was placed in sucrose and processed for antioxidant assay.
Results from this study showed significant reduction in serum testosterone levels, oxidative damage, reduced packed cell volume (PVC), reduced body weight gain and degenerative testicular microarchitecture in mice exposed to cyanide compared to control. Administration of Naringenin  reversed almost all the abnormalities in the parameters investigated showing significant protection against cyanide induced toxicity in mice. It is concluded that Naringenin showed affordable protection against cyanide induced toxicity on male reproductive profile.

Keywords: Naringenin, cyanide, oxidative damage, testis.