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Global Mind Monitor — determining intercultural competencies of Stenden Hotel Management School students: setting the research agenda

Anne Keizer-Remmers, Anja Brandsma-Dieters


Ongoing Internationalization of Higher Hotel Management Education encourages professional universities to monitor and assess intercultural competence development of students. Moreover, strategic ambitions aimed at educating alumni capable of ‘global thinking’ and ‘hostmanship’ inevitably connect intercultural competence with hostmanship, a currently marginally explored academic concept. Hence, Stenden Hotel Management School needs to address both the measurement and assessment of intercultural competence development as well as the conceptualization of ‘hostmanship’. This article discusses the need to set the research agenda for determining intercultural competence development within the context of educating globally oriented, hospitable hosts.

Keywords: intercultural competence development, assessment of intercultural competence development, hostmanship

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