Repercussions of the intrinsic motivation on the determinants relating to the retention of the personnel in the Public Institutions of higher education in Rwanda

  • Etienne Serupia Semuhoza
Keywords: Motivation, Satisfaction, Implication, organizational commitment, transformational Leadership.


This research, realized within the public education institutions, is interested in the  implications of the intrinsic motivation, in the meaning of the self-determination theory  of Déci and Ryan (1985), on a rough satisfaction on work and an affective organizational commitment which constitutes determining factors for the retention of the employees. Multiple linear regression analyses show that the intrinsic motivation presents  significant linear associations with respect to emotional organizational commitment and the job satisfaction and that association is stronger with this latter. With regard to the moderating effects, they prove to be not-significant. On the other hand, the perceived  organizational support holds a direct and significant influence on emotional  organizational commitment, just as the style of the transformational leadership of the direct or immediate supervisor towards emotional organizational commitment is  stronger than that between the intrinsic motivation.

Key words: Motivation, Satisfaction, Implication, organizational commitment,  transformational Leadership.


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print ISSN: 2305-2678