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Glaucoma: a brief update for 2017

Natalie Schellack, Gustav Schellack, Selente Bezuidenhout, Lucille Malan, Hanneke de Klerk


Glaucoma is a complex condition of the eye and the second leading cause of blindness around the globe. It is an ophthalmic neurodegenerative condition and is characterised by a raised intra-ocular pressure (IOP). The latter also constitutes the only modifiable risk factor in glaucoma management. When left untreated patients may gradually experience a visual field loss, and even lose their sight completely. This article provides a brief overview of this condition, the pharmacological treatment options that are available in South Africa, as well as the rational use thereof.

Keywords: glaucoma, intra-ocular pressure, IOP, ocular hypertension, visual field loss, carbonic anhydrase

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