Extraction of Cerium (IV) Using Di–n-butylsulfoxide in Chloroform from Nitric Acid and Determination with Arsenazo (III) as Chromogenic Reagent

  • MH Khan
  • K Liaqat
  • M Hafeez
  • S Fazil
  • M Riaz
Keywords: Cerium, extraction, DBSO, perchloric acid, arsenazo-II.


A new and advantageous extraction procedure was developed for extraction of cerium (IV) from nitric acid with di-n-butylsulfoxide (DBSO) in perchloric acid. The extracted Ce (IV) was determined spectrophotometrically using 0.01 % solution of arsenazo-III in 3Mper-chloric acid. Various parameters such as equilibration time, metal ion concentration, effect of temperature and diverse ions on the extraction of the Ce (IV) were established. U (VI), Th (IV) and Pb (II) interfere whereas only phosphate and fluoride suppress the extraction among anions. The stoichiometric composition of the cerium complex withDBSO was determined by slope analysis and found to be 1:4. The process of extraction was found to be exothermic. Deionized water was the most appropriate solvent for back extraction of cerium. This method is easier and more sensitive than many of the reported procedures.

KEYWORDS Cerium, extraction, DBSO, perchloric acid, arsenazo-II.


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eISSN: 0379-4350