Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel 3-[1-(3-nitrophenyl)-ethyl]-1-(indole-1-yl) Substituted Aryl/alkyl-phosphinoyl/thiophosphinoyl/ selenophosphinoyl-1H-indole Derivatives

  • B Hari Babu
  • M Anil Kumar
  • Ch Mohan
  • C Naga Raju
  • B Venu Babu
  • Ch C Maruti Kumari
  • P Anuradha
Keywords: Bisindolylalkanes, alkyl/aryl phosphorodichloridates, antimicrobial activity


Syntheses of novel 3-[1-(3-nitrophenyl)-ethyl]-1-(indole-1-yl) substituted aryl/alkyl phosphinoyl/thiophosphinoyl/selenophosphinoyl-1H-indole derivatives were accomplished in two steps. The synthetic route involves the cyclisation of equimolar quantities of 3-[1H-3-indolyl(3-nitrophenyl)methyl]-1H-indole with dichlorophenyl phosphine/ethyldichlorophosphite in the presence of triethylamine in dry acetonitrile at room temperature. These compounds were further converted to the corresponding oxides, sulphides and selenides by reacting them with hydrogen peroxide, sulphur and selenium, respectively. The structures of the novel products were established by elemental analyses, IR, 1H, 13C and 31P NMR and mass spectroscopy. They were screened for antibacterial and antifungal activity against Staphylococcus aureus/Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pellicularia solmanicolor/Macrophomina phaseolina, respectively.

Keywords: Bisindolylalkanes, alkyl/aryl phosphorodichloridates, antimicrobial activity


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eISSN: 0379-4350