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Kinetics of the Adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin of White Wine Model Solutions onto Activated Carbon and Alumina

OK Israel, PA Ekwumemgbo


This study investigates the kinetics of adsorption of bovine serum albumin, BSA, in white wine model solutions onto activated carbon, AC, and alumina, AL. Pseudo-first order and pseudo-second order models were applied to determine the rate and mechanism of adsorption of the white wine protein during the haze removal process. The results showed that the average amount of adsorbed BSA onto AC was 1.10 ± 0.07 times higher than that onto AL. Statistical analysis by two-way ANOVA showed no significant difference in the amount of BSA adsorbed onto the two adsorbents, but a statistically significant difference existed in the amount adsorbed by variation of incubation time. Apositive correlation exists between the amounts of BSA adsorbed onto AC and AL. The kinetics of the adsorption were found to be based on the assumption of an intra-particle diffusion controlled pseudo-second order mechanism, with adsorption rate constants being higher at lower adsorbate concentrations.

Keywords: White Wine, Haze Removal, Kinetic Modelling, Adsorption Rate Constant

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