Preparation of Mg-doped Ce-Zr Solid Catalysts and Their Catalytic Potency for the Synthesis of 5-Arylidene-2,4-Thiazolidinediones via Knoevenagel Condensation

  • S Rathod
  • M Navgire
  • B Arbad
  • M Lande
Keywords: Mg-doped Ce-Zr oxide, surface characterization, co-precipitation, 5-arylidene-2, 4-thiazolidinedione


A series of Mg-doped Ce-Zr mixed oxides with different molar ratios were prepared by a simple co-precipitation method. The surface characterization of these materials were investigated by means of XRD, FT-IR, SEM-EDS, CO2-TPD and BET techniques. The catalytic activity of the prepared materials was tested by synthesizing of 5-arylidene-2,4-thiazolidinedione derivatives via a Knoevenagel condensation using aromatic aldehydes and 2,4-thiazolidinedione in ethanol:water medium. The best catalytic activity was obtained with Ce1Mg0.6Zr0.4O2. The particle size or crystallite size was estimated using the Debye-Scherrer equation. Addition of MgO to the Ce-Zr mixed metal oxides affected both particle size and catalytic activity.

Keywords: Mg-doped Ce-Zr oxide, surface characterization, co-precipitation, 5-arylidene-2,4-thiazolidinedione


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eISSN: 0379-4350