South African Journal of Geomatics

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Good e-Governance and Cadastral Innovation: In Pursuit of a Definition of e-Cadastral Systems

S Hull, J Whittal


The development and implementation of an e-cadastre, called Project Vulindlela, is underway in South Africa yet there is little literature/research to guide e-cadastral development and implementation globally. Also, the meanings of the terms ‘e-cadastre’ and ‘e-cadastral system’ are unclear. This paper seeks to address these limitations. We begin with a look at definitions of key terms in the field of cadastral development. Then an understanding of what constitutes an ecadastral system is formed through an exploration of: good governance as related to cadastral development, e-government and e-governance, and a study of global cadastral and land
administration trends and ‘future cadastres’. The e-cadastral system is thereafter defined as an electronic, parcel-based land tenure information system (LTIS) that combines the roles of the agencies in control of surveys and mapping, land registration, land valuation and land use / development in a manner that aims to broadly satisfy e-governance outcomes as related to cadastral systems development. Finally, the implied goals of the e-cadastral system are described. It is hoped that this exploration will stimulate further development of the concepts of e-cadastral systems such that formal critique of these systems will be possible in the future.

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