Before a paper may be submitted, the corresponding author must register as a User on the journal web page (


1. Navigate to the web page:

2. Click on the Register button (top centre of the page)

3. Create the user profile:
Key in: user name, password, validation characters, first name, last name, email address (all other entries, such as affiliation, phone number, address, biography, are optional)

4. Register as: Author. NB: tick this box

Paper Submission:

1. Navigate to the web page:
2. Click on the Login button (top of page, left of centre)
3. Key in username and password
4. Click on New Submission (middle of page, right of centre)
5. Step One: Go through the Submission checklist, and check that the paper meets all the requirements (only tick each box if the requirement is met)
6. Agree to the Copyright notice (tick box)
7. Click on Save and continue (comments to Editor are optional)
8. Step Two: Browse your computer and select the manuscript file.
9. Click the Upload button (do not forget this step!). Click on Save and continue
10. Step Three: Enter author’s first name, last name and email address.
(skip all the entries for URL, affiliation, country and bio.)
11. Enter additional authors (if any) : first name, last name, email address. Note: these names will appear on the Table of Contents, so please make sure they are correct.
12. Enter the title and abstract of the paper (these should be identical to those appearing on the manuscript)
13. Do NOT enter any information on Indexing and Supporting Agencies. Click on Save and continue
14. Step 4: Do NOT upload any Supplementary Files. Click on Save and continue
15. Step 5: Check that you have uploaded the correct manuscript file, and click on Finish Submission
16. You should receive a confirmation email within an hour. If not, please contact the Editor at
17. You should be able to check on the progress of your submission by logging on and clicking on the Active button on your user home page

Further Note: Where data may be entered via textboxes (e.g. abstract), please type the data into the box. Copying and pasting text into these boxes may lead to an error message.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2225-8531