South African Journal of Higher Education

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E-Policy and higher education: from formulation to implementation

MJ Sesemane


Policy formulation and implementation is a highly contested domain within the South African Higher Education landscape. This contestation can be attributed to the lack of
wide stakeholder involvement and the architecture of the policy-making process. The contestation is also born of an absence of a systemic monitoring and evaluation mechanism
to ensure adherence to policy. In this paper, I present a document analysis of the e-learning policies of three higher education institutions (HEIs) in South Africa, with specific reference to how e-policy has shaped: access to information, e-learning as an alternate system of teaching and learning, quality assurance in e-learning, intellectual property rights (IPR) and e-communication. I also draw upon the similarities and differences that emerge from the three policies under scrutiny. In so doing, I provide a basis for discourse about current international trends influencing e-policy in higher education. In conclusion an analysis of the government's (South Africa) e-policy and its impact on the e-policy of higher education is also provided.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 21 (6) 2008: pp. 643-654
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