Birds of prey observed during vulture surveys in northeast Sudan

  • Ivaylo Angelov
  • Ibrahim Hashim
Keywords: Sudan, road count, raptors


An Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus survey was undertaken in the northeast part of the Republic of Sudan during eight days in September and October 2010. Raptor and large bird counts were conducted along 2010km of roads travelled. In total 2818 individual raptors of 23 species were counted. The most common were the group of Black and Yellow-billed Kites Milvus spp. and Egyptian Vultures, forming 82.8% and 8.0% of all raptors respectively, while Snake Eagles Circaetus spp., Rüppell’s Vultures Gyps rueppellii, and Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus accounted for 2.0, 2.8 and 1.3% of the raptor assemblage, respectively.

Keywords:  Sudan, road count, raptors


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eISSN: 2313-1799
print ISSN: 0250-4162