Status and size of Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta populations in East Africa, with a first coastal breeding record

  • Raphaël Nussbaumer
  • Améline Nussbaumer
  • Don Turner
  • Colin Jackson
Keywords: Avocet, migration, breeding, East Africa, bird populations


Several populations of Pied Avocet are understood to overlap in East Africa, yet the specific movements and size of each of them remains largely unclear. A review of current literature, combined with waterbird counts and recent citizen science data, suggests that potentially three populations occur in the region (Palaearctic, southern origin, and resident), and that the resident population is substantially smaller than previous estimates suggested. A new breeding record at the Kenyan coast, which only constitutes the fourth confirmed breeding location of Pied Avocet in Kenya and the first for the East African coast, demonstrates a potential overlap of Palaearctic migrants and East African residents, which may breed opportunistically along the coast. More resources are needed to carry out standardized and regular national monitoring counts in order to further elucidate the origin, movement, and numbers of Pied Avocets in East Africa.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2313-1799
print ISSN: 0250-4162