Factors influencing the choice of bathing with medicated versus toilet soaps amongst adult Nigerians

  • T A Salami
  • S O Samuel
  • K C Eze
Keywords: Soap, Bathing, Choice, Adult Nigerians.


Soap is a cleansing agent obtained through the chemical interaction between fat and alkali. Bathing has become a daily routine of most people as a result of the ready availability of the bathing soap. The aim of this study is to find out reasons for an individual's choice of bathing soap and awareness of any potential adverse effect inherent in such choice. Questionnaires were administered to adult Nigerians on the factors they take into consideration when choosing their bathing soap and the information obtained subjected to statistical analysis using the computer Microsoft excel software. A total of 500 questionnaires were administered. There were 325 males and 175 females. The mean age of the respondents was 28±3.3 years (males) and 24±2.5 years (females).241/500-(48.2%) preferred medicated soaps while 259/500-(51.8%) preferred toilet soaps for bathing. 115/500-(23%) made this choice because it cleans better, 220/500-(44%) because it is more hygienic while 165/500-(33%) prefer it because of other reasons such as being safe; mild on the skin; foams or lathers well, and just simply prefers it.190/500(38%) of respondents chose their soaps when buying because of its fragrance or odour. 19%(95/500) because of its cost, 11.6%(58/500) because it is recommended by friends, 7.4%(37/500) because of advertisement, 4.4%(22/500) because of the colour of the wrapper while 14.2%(71/500) because of other reasons such as mild or gentle on skin, availability, maintain tone and antiseptic properties. 64.8% (324/500) are aware of potential hazardous effect of soaps while 35.2(176/500) are not. Aesthetic considerations especially the fragrance of soap as well as financial consideration of cost are the most important factors that influences the respondents choice of their bathing soaps.

Keywords: Soap, Bathing, Choice, Adult Nigerians.

Sudanese Journal of Dermatology Vol. 5 (1) 2007: pp. 6-10

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eISSN: 1815-3941