Acute kidney injury from herbal vaginal remedy in Ilorin: a case report

  • TO Olanrewaju
  • A Chijioke
  • IQ Ameh
  • AA Adewale
Keywords: Acute kidney injury, herbal vaginal remedy, nephrotoxins, Nigeria


The use of traditional herbal remedy is very common worldwide, and it is associated with complications such as acute kidney injury. Herbal remedy accounts for 35% of acute kidney injury in Africa. As with orthodox medicines, herbal remedies are administered orally in the majority of cases but other routes such as topical and rectal administrations may be used. Vaginal route of administration is a rare practice used as arbortifacients in some parts of southern Africa. One case of AKI that resulted from vaginal administration of a herbal product used as a treatment of infertility has been reported previously in Nigeria. We describe a similar case of a young female who developed AKI three days after vaginal insertion of a herbal remedy for treatment of secondary infertility. She was managed conservatively and recovered full renal function. The case suggests that the unusual socio-cultural practice of vaginal herbal therapy leading to AKI may be underreported and therefore the need for surveillance and public awareness of the harmful effect of this practice, and the use of unstandardized herbal products.

Key words: Acute kidney injury, herbal vaginal remedy, nephrotoxins, Nigeria


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print ISSN: 2276-6839