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The role of National Health Act in Nigeria Health System strenghening

D. Adegboye, T.M. Akande


The National health act took a long period of 2004 -2014 before coming to existence, it serves as a legal backing for the regulation, development, and management of our health system. It also sets a standard for delivering health care to all citizens. The NHAct is a way of saying good bye to the era of poor access to health care, stock-out syndrome of essential drugs and  vaccines, skewed health manpower distribution, mushroom health facilities, hospitals turned to “mere consulting clinics”, unregulated and unethical health researches, assault on health  workers, total paralyzing strikes that leave the nation no option than unnecessary death of the citizens. The 2014 NHAct, therefore sets out a legal framework for the provision of health services which is a strong potential to  transforming health care provision in Nigeria through the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) by extending primary health care to all Nigerians. As such, the NHAct can be used as a tool to strengthen the health system which is synonymous to the country as the roadmap to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It is therefore  recommended that all health workforce, health Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and the three tiers of government work together  harmoniously, so that our health system can be strengthened.

Keywords: National Health Act, Basic Health care fund, Legal framework, Health System Strengthening.
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