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Incidental diagnosis of a solitary umbilical cyst in a second trimester gestation

M.K. Saleh, U Jibo


Umbilical cord cyst is a cystic lesion in the umbilical cord which can occur in any location within the cord between the cord vessels. They may be classified as true or false cysts and may occur at the foetal or placental end of the cord and can grow up to 60 mm in diameter. True cysts are less common than false cysts and they may be associated with hydronephrosis, patent urachus, omphalocele and Meckel diverticulum. A case of umbilical cord cyst in second trimester with no associated congenital anomaly or foetal compromise which disappeared in the 3rd trimester period is hereby presented.

Keywords: Umbilical cyst, multiseptated cyst, gestational cysts

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