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The Age Of Natural Menopause Of Breast Cancer Patients In Benin, Nigeria

MI Momoh, AN Olu-Eddo, C Okonkwo


Background: Late menopause is a well recognized risk factor for breast cancer. It is menopause attained at age of 55 years and above.
Aim: This study was to determine the ages at menopause of both well women and female breast cancer patients in Midwestern Nigeria.
Methodology: This was a prospective data analysis of all histologically diagnosed breast cancer patients, using Microsoft Excel Software.
Result: Analysis of data of the 145 female patients histologically diagnosed with breast cancer had mean and median ages of 49.03 ±4.27 years and 48 years, respectively. Only 5(3.45%) of 145 patients had menopause at age of 55 years and above. Late menopause therefore, may yet not be a dominant risk factor for breast cancer in our environment as life expectancy of our women is about 48 years.
Conclusion: We, therefore, recommend continuous study of the individual risk factors for breast cancer to identify those factors at play now in our environment.

Keywords: Age, Menopause, Breast, Cancer

Sahel Medical Journal Vol. 11 (2) 2008: pp. 49-51
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