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Prolapsed submucous uterine fibroid polyp associated with urinary retention: a case report.

J Eigbefoh, S.A Okogbenin, F Okogbo, R Eifediyi, F Omorogbe, F Isabu


A rare case of prolapsed submucous uterine fibroid polyp associated with intemittent acute urinary retention in a 34 year old Para 4+4 woman is described. She presented with one year history of increased menstrual blood loss and secondary dysmenorrhea and six months history of a mass
protruding down the vagina, irregular bleeding per vagina and offensive vaginal discharge. She had a preoperative diagnosis of infected proplased submucous uterine fibroid measuring 10cm by 10 cm with a stalk measuring 6cm. At laparotomy, the fibroid polyp was excised from its base in the posterior wall of the uterus. A routine hysterectomy was then done. Symptoms resolved completely after surgery.
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