Lung hamartomas in Alexandra

  • U Onakpoya
  • S Ahmed
  • K Khaled
  • M Ibrahim
Keywords: Lung hamartomas, benign tumours, lung carcinoma.


Background: Lung hamartomas are rare tumours with compressive effects on lung parenchyma and bronchi. This is a report of our experience in the management of this condition.
Methods: We retrospectively studied the records of patients with lung hamartomas managed at Alexandria University Hospital between 2001 and 2007. Information on presentation, treatment and outcome were obtained.
Results: Five patients aged 35.6+14.4 years had lung hamartoma. Two patients were asymptomatic, 2 had cough and 1 presented with haemoptysis. Pre-operative diagnosis was lung carcinoma in 4 patients. Four patients had lobectomy while 1 had wedge resection. Histology confirmed fibrochondromatous hamartomas in all patients.
Conclusion: Lung hamartomas should be a consideration in solitary coin lesions.

Keywords: Lung hamartomas, benign tumours, lung carcinoma.


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eISSN: 1118-8561