Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences

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Infection of dogs with Babesia canis in Gwagwalada metropolis of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

OC Jegede, SS Obeta, B Faisal


Epidemiological investigation was carried out to determine the prevalence of infection with Babesia canis in dogs in Gwagwalada metropolis of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria, from November 2013 to January 2014. Blood samples were collected from 101 dogs and examined for the parasite. Data obtained were analyzed to determine the prevalence of Babesia canis and the correlation of infection with age, sex, breed, types of management and presence or absence of tick infestation on the animal. Dogs screened were those from randomly selected house holds within the area. Overall results show an infection rate of 9/101 (8.9%). The prevalence was higher (P <0.05) among adults than puppies and also higher (P<0.05) among dogs with tick infestation than those without.

Keywords: Babesia, Canine, Epidemiology, Gwagwalada, Prevalence
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