Blood transfusion due to haemonchosis induced anaemia in a 4-year-old Kano brown doe

  • BY Kaltungo
  • II Onoja
  • M Babashani
  • SO Okaiyeto
Keywords: Blood transfusion, Doe, Goat, Haemonchus, Hypoproteinemia, Kano-brown


A 4-year-old Kano brown doe weighing 20kg from a flock of 5 does was presented to the Veterinary  Teaching Hospital Ahmadu Bello University Zaria with complaints of unthriftness, emaciation inappetence,  weakness and pasty diarrhea of two weeks duration. Thorough physical examination revealed pale mucous membranes with submandibular edema and puffy face which were indications of hypoproteinemia.  Hematological results indicated a packed cell volume (PCV) of 12% on the day of presentation and 9% on  the third day. Fecal culture revealed Haemonchus larvae. Blood (400mls) from a donor buck in the goat  pen of the faculty was transfused on the third day of presentation through the jugular vein. Two days later  a blood sample was collected and a hemogram was performed, the result indicated an appreciable PCV  value (15%) and a hemoglobin concentration of 5g/dl. It can therefore be concluded that blood transfusion can be a life-saving procedure in haemonchosis induced anaemia.

Keywords: Blood transfusion, Doe, Goat, Haemonchus , Hypoproteinemia, Kano-brown


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