Effects of the methanol leaf extract of Palisota hirsuta in post-surgical wound management

  • C. Unamba-Oparah
  • I.C. Unamba-Oparah
  • C.A. Eze
  • A.O. Anaga
Keywords: Incision, Palisota hirsuta, Post-surgical, Rats, Wound


Plants are important in the management and treatment of wounds. Their medicinal values lie in their phytochemical constituents. Palisota hirsuta Reichb. Ex Endl (Commelinaceae) is used traditionally in the treatment of diseases and wounds. This study evaluates the effects of methanol leaf extract of Palisota hirsuta (MLEPH) in post-surgical wound management, using incision and dead space wound models in rats. Thirty albino rats were used for each model (n=30) by assigning into 5 groups of 6 each. In the incision wound model, an incision wound created surgically on the dorsum of each rat was treated daily by topical application of: Petroleum Jelly (PJ, Group I), Cicatrin® powder (Group II), 1% w/w MLEPH (Group III), 2% w/w MLEPH (Group IV) and 4% w/w MLEPH (Group V) for 10 postoperative days. Wound breaking strength and histopathology were evaluated. In the dead space wound model, a sterilized polypropylene tube was implanted in the left groin region of each rat. They were treated orally daily for 10 postoperative days as follows: 10 mL/kg 5 % Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO, Group I), 12.5 mg/kg MLEPH (Group II), 25 mg/kg MLEPH (Group III), 50 mg/kg MLEPH (Group IV) and 100 mg/kg MLEPH (Group V). Granulation tissue formation and hydroxyproline assay were assessed. The results showed that wound breaking strength was significantly (p<0.05) higher in the MLEPH and Cicatrin® treated groups. MLEPH (4 %w/w) showed the highest wound breaking strength. This was confirmed by histopathological sections of the healing skin which showed 4% w/w MLEPH (Group V) to have the best wound healing effect. Dry granulation tissue weight was significantly (p<0.05) higher in groups IV and V. Also, the hydroxyproline content was significantly (p<0.05) higher in MLEPH treated groups III-V. From the results obtained, MLEPH has wound healing effects and can be used in post-surgical wound  management.

Keywords: Incision, Palisota hirsuta, Post-surgical, Rats, Wound


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