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Awareness and management practices against rabies among dog owners in livestock farming communities, Plateau State: A preliminary report

M.P. Olabode
U.A. Rayyanu
L.E. Logyang
H. Haliru
D. Bwala
M.B. Bolajoko


Rabies remains a significant public health concern, especially in endemic regions like Africa and Asia, with likely underreported cases.  Primarily transmitted through dog bites, rabies poses a substantial risk in Nigeria, where dogs are the main carriers. This study  investigated rabies awareness and control practices among dog owners in livestock farming communities in Plateau State, Nigeria. This  was done using structured questionnaire interviews with 50 respondents from five Local Government Areas. Data analysis revealed that  78% were aware of rabies, but few recognized its severity. Only 46% knew about rabies vaccination, and merely 16% sought clinical  assistance post-dog bite. Despite relatively high awareness, gaps exist in understanding susceptible hosts, proper management,  prevention, and health-seeking behaviours. Findings underscore the necessity of bolstering awareness and management, including  vaccinations, to encourage effective rabies control measures among vulnerable populations within remote communities and nationwide.  

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eISSN: 2315-6201
print ISSN: 1595-093X