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Abattoir operations and waste management in Nigeria: A review of challenges and prospects

JA Nwanta
JI Onunkwo
VE Ezenduka
PO Phil-Eze
SC Egege


The poor state of our national abattoirs, meat processing plants, ineffective meat inspection service and the resultant risk of consuming unwholesome meat have been issues of public health and global environmental concerns. Abattoir inspection of live animals (ante–mortem) and the carcass (post–mortem) are crucial towards surveillance network for animal diseases and zoonoses as well as ensuring the suitability of meat and byproducts for their proposed use. The nations desire to achieve high level of food safety and quality of life may be a mirage if the current challenges militating against the establishment, operations and management of abattoirs are not given attention. This paper reviews the current state of the Nations abattoir operations and waste management and also discussed the challenges and prospects of the industry in respect of environmental quality and public health. The paper concludes that Local governments and private entrepreneurs should be encouraged to establish and manage abattoirs, slaughter houses and slabs nationwide for a more effective management.