The formation of Afrikaans

  • PT Roberge


The present work is a lightly revised version of my 1993 publication of the same title (=SPIL 27). I have corrected a number of minor but irritating typos and editorial infelicities. I have also made a few substantive changes to improve clarity and keep the work in line with my current thinking. Because this work is being distributed in South Africa and to a small number of fellow specialist-colleagues abroad, a basic knowledge of Dutch and/or Afrikaans is presupposed. Readers should note that I have made no atteit5)t to normalize the spellings in the citations from Van Rensburg (ed.) 1984-. Citations from this corpus are given diplomatically, and the transcriptions contained therein are assumed to be accurate in their morphosyntactic aspect. I am grateful to Dr. Hans den Besten (Amsterdam), Dr. Mark L. Louden (Austin), and Prof. Sarah Grey Thomason (Pittsburgh) for sharing with me their thoughts on the original version. As always, acknowledgment does not necessarily imply agreement with the positions I have taken, and I bear sole responsibility for errors of fact, omission, and interpretation, and for remaining inadequacies. Finally, I am grateful to Prof. Rudolf P. Botha and the editors of SPIL, whose patience I have surely tested. What follows remains essentially a working document that may show, I'm afraid, the hallmarks of the genre. Because this monograph is intended as a report on research in progress rather than a definitive statement, I should welcome comments and criticisms from interested readers.


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