Multilingual Practices and Language Scaling in Behavioural Change Communication on HIV/AIDS in Lesotho: The Case of Phela Health and Development Communications

  • K Sobane
Keywords: Multilingualism, Behaviours, Communication


This research report provides an account of how multilingualism is handled in behavioural change communication about HIV/AIDS by Phela health and development communications, an NGO in Lesotho. The report discusses the distribution of languages in the print and media publications of the NGO. It highlights the bilingual nature of these publications, which emphasise English and Sesotho as enshrined in the constitution, and which exclude other minority languages of the country. The report discusses the implications on this approach to language on minority language speakers, more especially in the context of HIV/AIDS, a pandemic which affects all the population regardless of language. The report lastly makes recommendations for a more inclusive approach in behavioural change communication about HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: Multilingualism, Behaviours, Communication


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2224-3380