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Determinants of Risky Sexual Behavior, Relation between HIV Risk Perception and Condom Utilization among Wollega University Students in Nekemte Town, Western Ethiopia

EL Negeri


Students of Higher Education Institutions are assets of the society and change agents in filling the gap in the past and on whom the future generation is based. Neglecting their sexual and reproductive health can lead to high social and economic costs, both immediately and in the years ahead. This study tried to assess the determinants of risky sexual behavior, relation between HIV risk perception and condom utilization among University students in Western Ethiopia. The study was applied institution based cross-sectional study design triangulated with qualitative study. Multivariate logistic regression analysis with crude odds ratio was used. Partial correlation and linear regression was used to assess the applicability of Theory of Planned Behavior model in predicting intention to use condom and other variables. A pre-tested interviewer administered questionnaire was used to collect data. About 49.1% of students ever had sexual intercourse. Of these, 50.7% had their first sex before joining the university. Almost half (50.2%) had two and more than two life time sexual partners. Having multiple sexual partners was significantly associated with consistent condom use [AOR=1.98; 95%CI: 1.63, 2.94]. About 46.1% thought that, they were at high risk of getting HIV infection and 61.3% reported consistent condom use with non-regular partner. In this study, Theory of Planned Behavior explained 39.3% of variances in intention to consistent condom use. This study has shown that, a substantial proportion of the students engaged in risky sexual. Information, education and communication/ behavioral change communication on risk perception, life, assertive and communication skills training and promotion of peer-education should be strengthened.

Keywords: Condom Utilization Risk Perception Risky Sexual Behaviors Theory of Planned Behavior Wollega University

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