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Design and Analysis of Elliptical Nozzle in AJM Process using Computational Fluid Dynamics

P Baranitharan
BN Zeelan


Abrasive jet machining (AJM) is a micromachining process, where material is removed from the work piece by the erosion effect of a high speed stream of abrasive particles carried in a gas medium, which are emerging from a nozzle. Abrasive machining includes grinding super finishing honing, lapping polishing etc. The common nozzle shape presently used in AJM machining process is rectangle and circular shape nozzle which gives a low flow rate and further demands on decreasing the material removal rate (MRR), so this research mainly focuses on designing nozzle geometry to improve flow rate and MRR in AJM machining process. The elliptical shape nozzle has been designed and analyzed using computational fluid dynamics software (CFD). CFD is the most efficient software for flow rate analysis. The result shows the improvement in flow rate about 574.2m/sec and MRR of newly designed nozzle geometry i.e elliptical shape in abrasive jet machining.

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eISSN: 2305-3372
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