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Effects of different proportions of dried cafeteria leftover inclusion in a concentrate mix on performance of growing pigs

Tesfaye Amene
Mengistu Urge
Mitiku Eshetu
Diriba Diba


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of inclusion of dried Cafeteria leftover (DCLO) at various levels in concentrate mix (CM) on feed intake, digestibility, average daily gain (ADG), feed conversion ratio (FCR), carcass characteristics, and economic benefits of weaned pigs at Haramaya university piggery. Twenty Yorkshire pigs with initial live weight of 19.89±0.297kg (mean±SE) were randomly assigned to four dietary treatments in a completely randomized block design each with five replicates. The experimental rations were sole CM (mixture of maize grain, wheat short, wheat bran, noug seed cake, soybean mill, vitamin premix and salt), replacement of the concentrate with DCLO at different proportions as (33%CM and 67% DCLO; 67% CM and 33% DCLO) and feeding with only sole DCLO. The mean feed intake ranged 1.6-1.82kg/day and ADG was 0.4-0.64kg/day. The least feed intake was for sole DCLO (P<0.05) and the highest for 67% CM:33%DCLO. The FCR (w/w) was lowest (P<0.05) for pigs fed 33% DCLO diet, and pigs fed 67% DCLO:33%CM achieved highest FCR. Crude protein digestibility did not differ between treatments, but DM, EE and CF digestibility increased with increasing level of DCLO in the diets. The mean carcass weight (43.7kg-57.02kg) was highest in 67% CM but lowest in sole DCLO. Back fat thickness (2.4cm-3.2cm (SEM=±0.03)) was lowest in sole CM but highest in sole DCLO. The highest and lowest (P<0.05) rib eye area (23.9 cm2-31.9cm2 (SEM=±0.81)) were recorded for sole CM and sole DCLO, respectively. Cost of feed per kg weight gain was declined significantly (P<0.01) with increasing level of DCLO. Despite the lower production cost of sole DCLO groups, the pigs showed lower performance and this must have contributed to lowest net return of the groups. Thus, it is concluded that DCLO can replace the conventional concentrate mix up to 67% without adverse effect on pig performance.

Keywords: Carcass Digestibility Live Weight Gain Nutritive Value Profitability

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