Assessment of Sexual Behaviour, Attitude and Risk Perception about HIV/AIDS among Out-of School youths, Ilu-Abba-Bora Zone, Western Ethiopia

  • EL Negeri


To assess sexual behaviour, attitudes and risk perception about HIV/AIDS among out-of-school anti-AIDS club member and non-member youths in Mettu and Bedelle towns. The study applied a case control study design. The cases are club members those registered in the out-of-school  anti-AIDS clubs and actively participated for at least one year. Controls are non-club member who have never been registered and never became  active member of any anti-AIDS clubs anywhere in the towns. A pretested
self administered questionnaire was used to collect data. Focus Group Discussions were also conducted in the two groups to complement the  quantitative findings. From a total of 786 youths, 386 club members and 400 non-club members participated in the study. In this survey two third of the club members, (66.6%) and one third of the non-club members (33.2%) reported to have practiced sexual intercourse in the past. Among cases 31.3% reported that they had two and more than two sexual partners and 29.2% controls reported that they had more than two sexual partners. 45.9% of club members and 33.3% of non-club members had used condoms during the first time they had sexual intercourse. The majority (99.1%) ofthe study populations were aware of HIV/AIDS. 72.5% of club member and  54.7% of non-club members perceived that they are at risk or may be at risk of acquiring the HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of multiple sexual partnerships over past year among both groups was 30.3% in the selected towns. The finding of the survey concluded both club  member and non-club member out-of-school youths in this study area were exercising high risky sexual activities like early sex, multiple sexual partnerships, and inconsistent use of condom. But, the percentage among club members was lower than non-club members. Being a club member is protective for HIV/AIDS related risky sexual behaviors, perception.

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eISSN: 2305-3372
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