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Effect of Tutorial Mode of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary School Practical Geography in Nigeria

AO Egunjobi


This study investigated the effect of Tutorial Mode of Computer- Assisted Instruction (CAI) on students‘ academic performance in practical geography in Nigeria, However, the sample population of eighty (80) Senior Secondary School Two geography students that were randomly selected from two privately owned secondary schools in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria, participated in the study. They were comprised male and female students. Pre-test, post-test control group quasi-experimental design was adopted in the study. Two instruments were utilized for data collection viz: Geography Tutorial CAI MODE [GTCAIM, KR=0.85] and Practical Geography Performance Test [PGPT, KR=0.82]. Two null hypotheses were tested at p<0.05, T-test statistical analysis was employed to compute the data collected. Finding revealed that, there was a significant difference in students' performance between the students' exposed to GTCAIM and the
control group [conventional. method-Talk and Chalk] with the result tv=4,05 > tc=1.98, df=78, at p<0.05. That is, students exposed to GTCAIM performed significantly better than their counterparts in control group: However, there was no significant difference in the male and female students‘ performance with the result tv=1.67 < tc=1.98, df=78, at p<0.05. The implication of these findings is that, the tutorial mode of CAI  enhanced students' performance in geography more than the conventional method and that, with the utilization of tutorial mode of CAI, gender-inequality in geography instruction is no more a barrier. Therefore, recommendations are proffered for the utilization of tutorial mode of CAI, so as to enhance students' performance in geography and in fact, in other school subjects.

Key Words: Effect, Tutorial mode, Computer-assisted instruction, Practical geography, Secondary school, Nigeria

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