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Enhancing the Production of Cassava in the Rural Sector of the Nigerian Economy through Integrated Rural Development

VA Okosun
J Aihie-Ezomo


The main rhythm of this paper is on enhancing the production of cassava in the rural sector of the Nigerian economy through integrated rural development. A macroscopic new of the rural nook and crannies in the southwest, southeast and south-south etc of Nigeria will reveal that the rural inhabitants are peasants engaged mainly in agriculture. However, the production of cassava, one of the main root crops that will earn Nigeria huge foreign exchange is benighted with avalanche or plethora of problems. An elaborate and articulate policy of rural development mounted by various tier of government with the assistance of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) will not only galvanize cassava production in the rural sector. It will be the orifice that will enhance and synergy cassava production in the nation. It is only through this medium that the production of cassava in the Nigeria will witness an unprecedented boom. Consequently, the paper defines the concept of rural development. The paper is explicated with the aid of bottom up approach and participatory approach. It also examines the various pitfalls bedevilling the production of Nigeria. Finally, a new paradigm shift in the production of cassava was  orchestrated. 

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