Evaluation of Sustainable Concrete Production and Construction Cost Implication in Nigeria

  • PO Awoyera
  • OM Olofinnade
Keywords: affordable housing, bamboo fibre, concrete, steel fibre, sustainability


Sustainable concrete provides a considerable solution to the increasing cost of conventional concrete production in the world. Though, it is generally described as cheap, however it’s design and cost implications for low income communities needs to be evaluated. Hence, this paper evaluates the production of sustainable concrete and its cost implication in Nigeria. Experimental design of high strength concrete made with steel fibre and bamboo fibre as reinforcement having a targeted compressive strength of 50 Mpa was considered. The steel and bamboo fibres were proportioned at 1 % each. From the experimental mix design and cost analysis conducted, it was realized that steel fibre reinforced concrete are most expensive per cubic metre, costing about seven times as much as plain concrete of the same volume, but bamboo is a low cost alternative to steel as a reinforcing material.

Key words: affordable housing, bamboo fibre, concrete, steel fibre, sustainability


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eISSN: 2227-5444
print ISSN: 2225-8612