Bad Foundation and its Treatment of HeBei Coastal Highway

  • G Ye
Keywords: bad foundation, soft soil foundation, method of shallow treatment


In recent years, with the accelerating urbanization process, the national road network continues to expand, a lot of highway construction projects are in the countryside. The geological properties of high level, long distance highway foundation are complicated. In order to guarantee the stability of highway embankment, we need to deal with bad foundation. And the same project may use several different forms of foundation treatment methods, each method has its own characteristics and the optimal conditions shall apply. After the start of construction, as the stratum situations of the construction slot are further revealed that designers often have to dynamically adjust foundation treatment scheme according to actual conditions. In this paper, based on the Hebei Qinhuangdao, Tangshan coastal highway road construction as an example, we briefly expounded the engineering geology, the characteristics of soft soil foundation, geological properties and engineering treatment methods.

Key words: bad foundation, soft soil foundation, method of shallow treatment


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