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Integration of information and communication technology for teaching social studies in upper basic schools in Edo State

C.E. Omokhua, A.U. Nwanekezi


This study investigated the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) for Social Studies teaching in Upper Basic Schools in Edo State Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was used for the study. Four Objectives and four research questions guided the study. The population for the study was Social Studies teachers in Upper Basic Schools in Edo State. A sample size of 300 Social Studies teachers was purposively selected for the study, representing 48.39% of the population. A 32-item questionnaire was used as instrument, which was validated by two experts’ in the field of measurement and evaluation. Test retest method was used to determine the reliability of the instrument, 0.85 reliability coefficient index was obtained using Pearson Product Moment Correlation formula. Mean and standard deviation were used to analyse the research questions. The first finding was that ICT facilities are available for integration into teaching of Social Studies to a low extent. Secondary, ICT facilities are utilized for lesson delivery by Social Studies teachers on a low extent. Effort should be made by government to provide ICT facilities, monitor and organize workshops/seminars for Social Studies Teachers and address the challenges facing ICT facilities utilization in Edo State to facilitate its integration. These will go a long way to ensure effective teaching delivery of Social Studies in Upper Basic Schools in Edo State.

Keywords: integration, information and communication technology, Social Studies

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